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The gamma-core motif of antifungal proteins from Ascomycetes

The gamma-core motif of antifungal proteins from Ascomycetes Workgroup Marx-Ladurner

Antifungal proteins from Ascomycetes contain a structurally conserved motif that resembles the Greek letter “gamma”: the gamma-core.

The consensus sequence is evolutionary highly conserved. This points towards a central structural and functional role of this motif, which we want to investigate in this study by a multidisciplinary approach. The accomplishment of our objectives will allow important new insights into the functional and structural role of the highly conserved gamma-core motif and provide the first steps towards a biotechnological application by developing bioactive molecules with worldwide economic and societal impact.

International Cooperation Project between Austrian Science Fund FWF - Hungarian Science Fund NKFIH (I 3132-B21, 2016)

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