Mycology Tyrol Symposium 2018,
Credit: David Bullock

This year's event with more than 50 participants was organized by employees of the Institute of Molecular Biology of the Medical University of Innsbruck and once again impressively demonstrated the diversity of fungal research carried out in Tyrol.

The topics presented in the 12 lectures and 21 poster presentations ranged from medical aspects, such as the diagnosis, treatment and immunological understanding of fungal diseases, the discovery of new fungal metabolites with interesting bioactivities and the elucidation of virulence mechanisms, the essential role of fungi in natural ecosystems, the investigation of the mechanisms how these organisms perceive their environment and react to it, to new tools in fungal research.

The program was completed by a lecture of Prof. Birgit Willinger, MedUni Vienna, organized by the doctorate program HOROS, which gave new insights into the spreading and endangerment by the yeast Candida auris, which is resistant against many conventional antifungals.

At the meeting, which for the second time impressively demonstrated the mycological focal points at both Innsbruck universities, enough room was available for networking activities, where researchers and students could exchange ideas and agree on new project ideas and cooperations.

Planning for next year's symposium, which will take place in autumn 2019, is already in progress.


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