LK-Präsident Josef Hechenberger, Maschinenring Oberland-GF Gottfried Gabl, LKGrünlandberater Lukas Peer, Vizebürgermeister Martin Kapeller, Ortsbauernobmann Benedikt van Staa und Hermann Strasser von der Universität Innsbruck.

Hermann Strasser talks about the use of his biocontrol agent Melocont® Pilzgerste to reduce the cockchafer population in infested areas of East-, North- and South Tyrol. Thanks to the excellent cooperation between the University, Land Tirol, Landwirtschaftskammer and Maschinenring this in the 1990s initiated pilot project was a huge success.

Myk2018 Scientific Conference of the German speaking Mycological Society (DMykG) e. V

The 52st Scientific Conference of the German speaking Mycological Society (DMykG) e. V will take place from 6.–8. September 2018 in Innsbruck.

Mycology Tyrol Symposium 2017

On Friday, the 29th of October 2017, the first Mycology Mini-Symposium was held at the University of Innsbruck, welcoming around 60 participants. Organized by members of the mycological filed of research at the Institute of Microbiology, the meeting aimed to show the broad spectrum of mycological research in Innsbruck which reaches from biological fundamental research to applied microbiology.

5th World Congress on Microbial Biotechnology, September 17-18, 2018 Lisbon, Portugal

The 5th World Congress on Microbial Biotechnology will take place from 17.–18. September 2018 in Lisbon, Portugal.

Mycology Tyrol Symposium 2018,

This year's event with more than 50 participants was organized by employees of the Institute of Molecular Biology of the Medical University of Innsbruck and once again impressively demonstrated the diversity of fungal research carried out in Tyrol.