Mycology Tyrol Symposium 2018,

This year's event with more than 50 participants was organized by employees of the Institute of Molecular Biology of the Medical University of Innsbruck and once again impressively demonstrated the diversity of fungal research carried out in Tyrol.

Coverfoto wissenswert October 2018,

In the latest issue of the University of Innsbruck magazine "Wissenswert", Martin Kirchmair provides an insight into the fascinating world of mushrooms.

Mikrobiologie: Die Welt der Schimmelpilze; University of Innsbruck

A filming team from the University of Innsbruck visited the working group of Susanne Zeilinger.

Petri dish with Metarhizium brunneum,

Together with her team, Pamela Vrabl is looking for new bioactive substances against multi-resistant pathogens. In the current issue of "Wissenswert" she speaks about her work on this topic.

Ötztaler Rotmoostal in Tyrol,

Belowground organisms play critical roles in maintaining multiple ecosystem processes, including plant productivity, decomposition, and nutrient cycling. Together with an international team of researchers Sigrid Neuhauser and Martin Kirchmair investigated the microbial composition of soils worldwide. Surprising result: The diversity of living organisms in the soil is not necessarily related to the diversity of plants growing on it.