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25 August 2020
ECFG is an International conference on Fungal genetics, biology, host pathogen interaction & evolutionary ecology. It is a great pleasure to invite you to Innsbruck (Austria), from 5-8 March 2023 , for an exciting meeting, with an outstanding scientific program! The aim of ECFG16 is to showcase recent advances in fungal genetics and molecular biology, including cellular biology, omics technologies, host-pathogen interactions, evolutionary genomics, molecular ecology.
19 January 2020
Fungi feeding on other fungi (mycoparasites) represent a promising alternative to chemical fungicides for plant disease control. They also have potential applications in medicine and across industry. Dr. Susanne Zeilinger and her team (WG Zeilinger-Migsich) from the University of Innsbruck in Austria are working to identify and characterise the genes and gene products that are active during the interactions of antagonistic fungi. This critical work is paving the way for improvement of fungal strains as biotechnological workhorses in plant protection and beyond.

My research interest currently focusses on three main topics : (1) identification of molecular markers for mycoparasitism on the single cell level, (2) characterisation of host-specific stress responses that affect the polarised growth pattern of mycoparasitic Trichoderma species and ultimately define the outcome of the fungus-fungus interaction and (3) deciphering the key signal transduction pathways that regulate the attack-defence responses between mycoparasite and putative host fungus.

In addition, I have a constant interest in optimising live-cell imaging approaches for the visualisation and quantification of intracellular protein dynamics in various filamentous fungal species, including the well known model fungus Neurospora crassa, by using state-of-the-art microscopy systems in combination with vital fluorescent dyes and innovative fluorescent reporter constructs.

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