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7 September 2021
In the course of the tyrolean fungi exhibition, experts will show up to 400 different fascinating species of fungi, including the best edible mushrooms and the most important poisonous mushrooms.
19 June 2021
The Journal of Fungi selected WG Zeilinger's paper on hyphal-hyphal interactions in Trichoderma atroviride as Editor's choice! Have a read:

Control of subterranean pests (e.g. grape phylloxera, scarab, wireworm and weevil pests, western corn root worm) and ticks with mycoinsecticides such as Beauveria spp. and Metarhizium spp., plant diseases and biological pest control, production and formulation, risk assessment and registration, exploitation of metabolites from biocontrol agents, , structure elucidation of secondary metabolites, soil microbiology.


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