Moselio Schaechter and Roberto Kolter

The ASM Blog “Small Things Considered”

“The purpose of this blog is to share our appreciation for the width and depth of the microbial activities on this planet. We will emphasize the unusual and the unexpected phenomena for which we have a special fascination.”

On the occasion of the annual retrospective of blog entries in 2017 I want to recommend this blog hosted by the ASM and run by (Mos)Elio Schaechter and Roberto Kolter since 2006.

I give no examples of blog entries because there are so many interesting and fascinating ones – you have to look yourself. Just two hints. First, in 2016 a book was published in which the authors collected about 70 blog entries selected out of ten years: “In the Company of Microbes – Ten Years of Small Things Considered”. And second, I want to point at the so called “Talmudic Questions”, which are regularly published in this blog. These are questions “whose answers cannot be found by a google search but are intended to provoke thought and discussion”.