Tiroler Pilzschau 2021

In the course of the tyrolean fungi exhibition, experts will show up to 400 different fascinating species of fungi, including the best edible mushrooms and the most important poisonous mushrooms.


Opinion Article

Wolfgang Burgstaller"This article is an opinion article, therefore it reflects my personal opinion and aims to combine biology and philosophy in the specific field of organic acid excretion by filamentous fungi." - Wolfgang Burgstaller

Journal of Fungi - Editor's Choice

Working Group ZeilingerThe Journal of Fungi selected WG Zeilinger's paper on hyphal-hyphal interactions in Trichoderma atroviride as Editor's choice! Have a read:


16th European Conference on Fungal Genetics

ECFG is an International conference on Fungal genetics, biology, host pathogen interaction & evolutionary ecology. It is a great pleasure to invite you to Innsbruck (Austria), from 5-8 March 2023, for an exciting meeting, with an outstanding scientific program! The aim of ECFG16 is to showcase recent advances in fungal genetics and molecular biology, including cellular biology, omics technologies, host-pathogen interactions, evolutionary genomics, molecular ecology.

Scientia - Fighting Fungi with Fungi: Utilising Chemical Warfare for Human Benefit (Susanne Zeilinger)

Fungi feeding on other fungi (mycoparasites) represent a promising alternative to chemical fungicides for plant disease control. They also have potential applications in medicine and across industry. Dr. Susanne Zeilinger and her team (WG Zeilinger-Migsich) from the University of Innsbruck in Austria are working to identify and characterise the genes and gene products that are active during the interactions of antagonistic fungi. This critical work is paving the way for improvement of fungal strains as biotechnological workhorses in plant protection and beyond.