The ÖGMBT YLSA West host a networking event in the form of Törggelen, a mouthwatering tradition from South-Tirol with wine, chestnuts & more. Use this opportunity to meet colleagues and discuss most recent topics in life sciences. In addition, the YLSA will meet every 2nd Monday each month for a relaxed get-together and talk about Innsbruck’s life science community.

Nature Scientific Reports

The latest paper of the mycology research group based around Cornelia Lass-Flörl is out now. "Intrinsic short-tailed azole resistance in mucormycetes is due to an evolutionary conserved aminoacid substitution of the lanosterol 14α-demethylase"  appeared in Nature Scientific Report.

Frontiers in Microbiology

Understanding „fungal behaviour“ – The excretion of organic acids is an essential property of fungal organisms involving many parts of metabolism. In a recently finished project of the Austrian Science Fund three of these parts - adenine and pyridine nucleotides, alternative respiration, and the plasma membrane H+-ATPase – were studied simultaneously in Penicillium ochrochloron using chemostat culture with different nutrient limitations.

Martin Kirchmair hält ein verschimmeltes Holz, Susanne Zeilinger mit Salami-Edelschimmel (l.) und dem Trichoderma (r.), der andere Pilze vernichten kann.

Susanne Zeilinger and Martin Kirchmair were featured in the latest issue of Tiroler Tageszeitung.

The Journal of Plant Diseases and Protection - JPDP is the official scientific communication organ of the German Society for Plant Protection and Plant Health (DPG). Since 01.01.2016 it is published by Springer publisher.

by Emmanuel O. Benjamin, Giselher Grabenweger, Hermann Strasser & Justus Wesseler in Journal of Plant Diseases and Protection: Biological control methods offer an economic alternative in certified maize and potato production and can help to increase competitiveness in agriculture.The sustainability of the use of biological control methods could be calculated using the "MISTICs Model (Maximum Incremental Social Tolerable Irreversible Costs).